It’s Here…FINALLY!

Hello everyone! I cannot believe that I am actually typing  my first post for my new blog page! Yay!!

I have been talking about this blog to many people for quite a few months now and I am sure it seemed like a mythical creature since it’s never been seen by anyone lol. Truth be told, procrastination and distractions played a factor at times but I never doubted that one day the unbelievers of it ever coming into fruition would be put to shame lol. (Oddly enough,’s definition of fruition has this example with it: After years of hard work she finally brought her idea to full fruition. It hasn’t been years for this but still, nonetheless, how fitting lol). So here I am, finally, and excited to share my adventures and life experiences with all who are interested! I am not a techy ( or techie, respectively) person but I will do my best to upload and share consistently.

Now, before we get started on the relaying of all the amazing and even not so amazing events of my experiences to date I want to be very clear about what this blog is about and what this blog is for. I learned a few years ago that mincing words is a plague in our society today. Our minds and therefore our words can help or hinder, compliment or condemn. In the past year I have learned many things about myself,  and one thing I have learned is that I too have minced words many times in m life.  However I now understand and respect the importance of being clear about what you say, how you say it and what it means.

So let me say this: this blog will NOT tolerate underhanded, negative, nasty comments about anyone’s postings. I say this because I see way too many sites that have people write rude things for no necessary reason and even worse, a lot do so anonymously in a cowardly fashion. A motto for those types: Don’t give people reasons to take the high road. Funny, sarcastic responses that everyone can appreciate: okay.  Leaving a douche bag comment that wasn’t even necessary in the first place: not okay.  And really, you know the line anyway. So anyone who wishes to have their say and be apart of this blog’s community is free to do so but will adhere to that. Let’s just have fun, shall we??lol

Also this blog is not going to be an open book about  my life because my life is just that: not an open book. To those that I am closest to, confide in, it is. However, I don’t believe it is necessary to share every detail with every single person for them to know who you are. In particular, my generation and the one that succeeds it tend to bombard social networking and blogging sites with details and frequent updates about frivolity (and you know what I’m talking about “I just ate a sandwich, now I’m going to drink some milk” status update abusers lol).  In the end of it all to each his own, but this blog, my blog won’t be about acquiring that kind of attention. I just want to share some of the moments that matter to me with others who can take something from it positively and enjoy what life has to offer! So I hope this is something we can all do together. Let’s get it! ; )


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